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Dear Valued Water Filters Online Customers,

You will have noticed that in the past 3 weeks, our website has been experiencing some issues. This has nothing to do with our site as such, but with our 3rd party server hosts. We are in the process of migrating the site to a new host, but this has created another set of issues, which are temporary but annoying for all involved.

In short, for a little while, our website will not function to the standard we expect. We have our IT experts working on this around the clock, but have been told a little patience is required to ensure this is done correctly.

Despite the issues, we are still open for business, and are able to help you with your water filtration requirements at very competitive prices.

During January 2018, if you have a quote for an identical or same quality product from another competitor site then we will beat it by 10%.  If you are not sure if the quote you have will qualify for the price beat offer, then contact us to find out. Nothing to lose…much to gain.

For the meantime please contact us at:  or  0800-936-426  and we will gladly help.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and hopefully the website will be we will be back in full swing ASAP.

Best Regards

The Team at WFO


Welcome to Water Filters Online

Water Filters Online has an extensive range of water filtration products for all applications:

  • Residential home (both urban and rural).
  • Industrial and Commercial.
  • Tank water treatment.
  • Bore water treatment
  • Pool and Spa Cartridge replacement.

  • REPLACEMENT DRINKING WATER CARTRIDGES: If you already have an existing system and are looking for a replacement cartridge then look no further. We have hundreds of different replacement cartridges in stock ranging from basic sediment removal for Tank water to Chlorine removal for those on town supply water. Plus everything in between.

  • SPA AND POOL CARTRIDGES: We stock replacement cartridges for all of the main brands of spa filters. Hot Springs, Alpine, Leisurerite, 02, Jazzi and many more. All cartridges are manufactured in New Zealand

  • WHOLE HOUSE CARTRIDGE & FILTER HOUSING SETS: From whole house chlorine removal systems (for those looking to reduce skin irritations caused by chlorinated water during bathing) to simple sediment removal systems, there are dozens of different options for you to consider.

  • ULTRA VIOLET STERILISERS & REPLACEMENT PARTS: If you are on tank water and are fighting bacteria, then our PureZone Sterilisation Systems are for you. All sizes ranging from residential through to Commercial &  Industrial. We also stock replacement parts not only for our own branded sterilisers, but also other major brands in the New Zealand market.
  • WATER TANK TREATMENT: Our water dosing chemicals are are safe effective method of sterilising  your tank and the water inside it.

  • KITCHEN WATER FILTERS: A full range of quality domestic under sink and benchtop water filtration systems. Standard sets and totally customisable systems available.

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  • WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTERS: A complete range of Point of Entry water solutions to improve your whole house water quality. pH Neutralising, Sediment Removal, Chlorine Taste and Odour Removal, Water Softening, Iron Reduction, Water Deionising,